Saturday, August 30, 2008

Wisconsin Trip Part 2

This was just more hanging out around the house and the kids having fun with this little kiddie pool that Grandma H. got them. Good ol' summer days.
Baily had this little tea set and she would set up her chair at this little end table every night and have a tea party with me. She was so animated about whatever it was she was talking about and it was just the cutest thing. Man I love that girl!
Baily absolutely adores her Grandma Patty and soaked up all the time and attention she could from her while we there. So sweet!
Me and the kids and Eyan (my lil' bro) had a blast at this fabulous park and I went on picture overload. It was just so gorgeous out and just so perfect. I love days like these!
This was at another awesome park on another beautiful day and this time my stepmom Patty was with us. Check out this green grass! Baily was pretty tired and pretty rotten so she didn't enjoy as much as she would have normally but it was still fun. And the first pic is my dream house. Isn't it bee-u-tee-ful?!
Here Baily is having fun with her friends Eyan and his little friend Adam who spent the night one night. She kept calling him "madden." They were so good with her and she just loved hanging out with "her friends."
This just shows how spoiled my little Bug got from her Grandpa & Grandma H. She got a ton of much needed new school clothes along with lots of books, computer games, movies and toys. I guess that's what they say grandparents are for!
And here's Baily having so much fun on the slip n' slide and Joaquin just chillin'. Summer's actually nice when it's not too miserably hot outside!

While we were there Baily and I also got some awesome haircuts and I got color from my dad(thanks dad!), went on a fun walk, enjoyed lots of chit chat, got spoiled with all sorts of things, got some much needed assistance and just had a pretty fantastic trip all around. Thanks again Dad and Patty!

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