Sunday, August 03, 2008

An evening at the park.

Saturday August 2, 2008
Today was a pretty simple but nice day. We had no money and gas to go anywhere so for the first part of the day we just hung out. We finished watching the rest of season 1 of The Office and laughed our heads off. Then later on once it cooled down a bit we went to Pacana Park. It was pretty warm but there was a nice breeze so it wasn't unbearable out. Robert and Andre played basketball and me and the kids had fun playing at the playground and then walking around the lake. Baily actually ran almost the whole way. Who knew Robert and I would produce a child that loves running so much? Halfway around the lake we found a soccer ball that had just floated to the surface from the middle of the lake. We were pretty excited. We asked around and nobody claimed the ball so we thought we scored a free ball. Soccer is my FAVORITE sport to play (I played for 12 years + competitively and LOVED it), so I was thrilled to be playing around with a soccer ball with my Baily. Sadly though a little boy came and claimed it so that was the end of our thrill. But it made me realize that Baily is definitely ready for soccer to be introduced in her life;) After we left the park and went and got buns from Fry's we came home and I made really good cheeseburgers, kinda like my Grandpa Bud used to makes us all the time minus the mini dill pickles cut up on the burgers. Robert and I have been craving burgers after all the time we spend watching Spongebob with his crabby patties. They were really good. And it was so cute- during the blessing Baily said "Hen'ly Fadder, and please bless the crabby patties, ame." Love that girl! And now I need to go read and go nighty-night. Nighty-night!

366 Blessings:
#215- Robert watching the kids and letting me sleep in

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Julie said...

That park is so fun, Aaron likes to fish there. I dont have Breaking Dawn yet either I tried to be so smart are get it cheep and it is still not here:( O well I am keeping up with the house work which would not happen if I had the book!