Sunday, August 31, 2008

Let the birthday festivities begin!

Baily's birthday is coming up on Thursday the 4th but coming from a pretty big, blended family- we pretty much get spoiled for birthdays and holidays. Baily's birthday festivities began on Saturday the 31st with a mini party at Peter Piper Pizza to celebrate with Robert's family. We had good food, fun with games and good conversation. Baily was excited and thrilled to be able to hang out with her cousins and loved her little cupcakes. She got a digital camera, pink glasses and cookies from me and her dad (she'll get the rest of her gifts at her party in Show Low next weekend) and an awesome Dora book with a little MP3 player that goes with the book. What a lucky girl! Let the fun of the birthday week begin! I love you so much Baily Bug!

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