Friday, September 03, 2010

More Updating...

Just a random day with some cute kiddos!
Joaquin is in LOVE with all things Buzz and Woody!  He watches the movies a couple of times a day and is always playing with his Buzz and Woody toys.  He was so EXCITED when we went and saw Toy Story 3.  So cute:)
We had a really fun Memorial Day.  Robert got the day off so we went to the Elkhorn Ward's Annual Pancake breakfast and had a good time with all our ward family.  Robert, being inspired by his tv hero from "Man Vs. Food" decided to enter the pancake eating contest.  He ate 20 pancakes but was sadly defeated by Elder Thiel who ate 21.  Needless to say Robert didn't eat much the rest of the day.  After the breakfast we went to Genoa City Park with my Dad & Family for a bbq and to enjoy the great weather and good company.  Later that evening we went and visited my Roath Grandparents graves and had a nice FHE there about life after death.  It was great to reminisce about my wonderful grandparents.  I sure miss them.  It was a great Memorial day!!
I've mentioned it before on here I think, but my little Baily Bug is quite artistic.  She loves to draw and color and build things with her blocs or whatever random things she can find.  She LOVES all Tim Burton movies and her art is very similar to his.  I know she doesn't get it from me.  It must be a little from her dad and mostly from her Uncle Alex.  I love this trait about her though!!

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Cassy Taylor said...

I love "Man Vs. Food"!!! I so want to do a contest. You know I would kick butt!! :)