Saturday, September 04, 2010

Baily Bug Turns 5!!

Baily has had quite the 5th Birthday.  It all started yesterday with celebrating her birthday at school.  Her request was pink sparkly cupcakes so that's what we made.  While the cupcakes were cooling and waiting to be frosted her naughty little brother decided to get his sticky little fingers in the cupcakes to sample them!  He's such a naughty little monkey!  Thank heavens we were able to cover up the holes with frosting and sprinkles;)  And she also was so excited to wear her little diva outfit for her school birthday.  Man she's cute:)
 Next on her request list was to make these bagel pizzas she saw in her Friend magazine for lunch.  It was a pretty simple request so I acquiesced her request.  And they were actually quite tasty:)
After school we came home and changed into warm clothes complete with sweaters (wahoo for cool weather!!!) and went to the park for a little bit while we waited for Robert to get off work.  After we picked him up we headed over to the mall so the kids could play around at the kid's play area and they had a blast.  Simple, free fun!  Then they got their Happy Meals and we headed home.
Then today was the big day! Party time.  This year Baily and I decided on a Mad Hatter Birthday Tea Party since she loves Alice in Wonderland.  She invited 7 of her bestest friends and lots of family.  We had about 4 of the friends show up as well as Grandma Patty and Uncle Eyan.  It was super windy but nice and cool.  Because of the wind I wasn't able to decorate like we had planned or do our cute little teapot frames but we still had a great time.  We had yummy food at the "tea" party complete with mad hatter hats and tea cups.  Then they had fun with the pinata and playing at the playground together while us adults got to visit.  Then she blew out her candle (only one would stay lit 'cause of the crazy wind) and opened up all her awesome gifts.  It was fun and we had a first- Baily didn't cry.  It's her first birthday party of her life that she has not had a melt-down and cried... wahoo!  She's growing up so fast and man I love her!!
After we got home and relaxed a little bit (B didn't waste time playing with her new toys- I think the doll was a success;), it was time for her birthday family dinner at IHOP.  She as well as Robert and I, all had coupons for free Rooty Tooty meals so we feasted and it was delicious.  We enjoyed talking about how much fun Baily had had for her birthday this year and how much we love her and are grateful to have her in our family.  It was a nice dinner and what's better is, it was free!  I'd say Baily's 5th birthday has been a total success and I'm pretty sure she'd agree.  Happy birthday my sweet Baily Bug!!  I love you all the way to the moon and back:):):)


Karen said...

Happy Birthday Baily! We are so happy that she had a great day. She is growing up and looks like a little lady now.

Cassy Taylor said...

She is so freak'n cute! Could she look and be any more like YOU! Hmmmm, you're telling me she wanted pizza for lunch? Where'd she get that from. :) Love and miss you girl! Thanks for updating the blog!