Tuesday, September 14, 2010

The Birthday That Won't End...

So today when the mailman came it was like Christmas for Baily.  She had 3 packages delivered to her.  The first was from her Uncle Alex and new Aunt Katie (they just got married a couple of weeks ago) and was the movie Freaky Friday which she loves and has been wanting forever.  The next was from her Grandma KB (my awesome mom) and was this A-MAZING hellokitty blanket she made for her.  Baily has this cute hellokitty coloring book that she likes to send pages to my mom from and so my mom made her this awesome blanket.  Isn't is AMAZING?!  Seriously!  Baily LOVES it!  Next was a package from her Great-Grandma Brown and Tia Franci.  It had an adorable dress (that came with a matching purse that B was so excited about), a really cute butterfly necklace made out of her birthstone (sapphire) a fun coloring activity and a movie we left in AZ that Baily's been missing like crazy- High School Musical 2.  It also had a card with $5 in it- woot!  And even greater is that Joaquin got in on the action too- my Grandma included some Buzz Lightyear jammies and toy cars for him.  He was SOOO excited about the Buzz jammies and wanted to put them on right away.  Thanks everyone for all the love you have for my kids!  What a great day for mail:)

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lucindafab said...

i want a cool hello kitty blanket! :)

Amalee said...

Happy Birfday, Bbug!

Hi Sarah! I'm sorry, I don't have time for a real comment:)

Just want to tell you anyway I really missed seeing you at Alex's wedding! Not that I really had time to see anyone....:P Hope everything's still going good!

Love ya!


Malissa Cordova said...

How fun is that!! All I ever get in the mail are bills!! She is a lucky girl! I am loving that hello kitty blanket! Your mom has some mad skills!! How special! I am sure Baily is having the best birthday of her life...this far!