Friday, June 04, 2010

My Little Ar-teest

Lately, Baily's favorite thing to do is draw or color.  She's gotten so good.  Robert has some artistic talent and some of my cousins and Uncle on my mom's side do too so that must be where she gets it from- definitely not from me.  Anyway- I love her art and I think it's just awesome.  We submitted the caterpillar picture to the Friend magazine and are hoping it gets printed.  She asked me how to spell "caterpillar" so she could label her drawing but apparently she ran out of room so she had to add the last letters to the first part of the word.  It's priceless;)  Enjoy!!

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Karen said...

I love it when thye draw. Kaily does the smae and I sware she gets it from Clint b/c I KNOW I'm not the artist here.