Thursday, September 16, 2010

Let the Gymnastics Fun Begin!

Guess who was so excited to start gymnastics tonight?!  She has been counting down the days since we signed her up about a month ago and the time finally came.  She had to choose between this, swimming, soccer or dance and after a very hard choice between this or swimming (she changed her minds a couple of times before finally deciding) gymnastics finally won out.  Robert and I were bummed because they don't let parents watch except on special observation days but she didn't seem to mind that we weren't there.  In fact I think she even preferred us to not be there- lol.  Anyway, she had a great time and I think she's gonna love it for the next couple of months that the class lasts.  Her she is showing off what she learned at her first class- the bridge.  What a talented girl;)


Amalee said...

Wow! I think it's awesome she joined gymnastics! Afton started last month (after she kept doing cartwheels down the aisles at Walmart) so now when you come to visit, they will totally have something in common! Bridges were a little difficult for her at first, but now she's getting the hang of it! We enrolled through our city's program and I get to watch every practice, though they do tell us not to try to get our kids' attention or distract them. I was surprised for the price it still seems a pretty professional program, and yet not so strict that the kids get frustrated. They seem to have a blast and I sure Baily will love it too! Have lots of fun!

Love ya!


lucindafab said...

Awesome! Bailey looks so cute in her leo. Kailei does gymnastics at WCGC in Elkhorn and loves it. She's part of the WCGC gymnastics team. She's really good especially for her age. You will be amazed at what Bailey will be able to do, even in just a few short months! :)

Julie said...

hello stranger! every one looks so happy and soooo big!!!