Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Videos and stuff.

Once again... youtube is being dumb and it won't let me share videos on my blog. That's really annoying. Anywho... here's some videos I wanted to share.

So apparently Baily loves SYTYCD as much as I do and whenever "her" dancing show comes on she runs and puts her skirt and "dancing shoes" on and dances right along with the dancers. This time she had her daddy to partner her. A girl after my own heart... *sigh.

These are just 2 scenes from one of my favorite movies. It pretty much rocked my socks off.


Janel said...

Hey girl!!
I was just getting caught up on your blog....LOVE LOVE LOVE the Twilight trailers! I just re-read Twilight so I'd be fresh for the movie, I am SO EXCITED!!

And I'm loving SYTYCD this season, WOOHOOO!

Nicole said...

I love Juno too! I think it is quite possibly the greatest movie ever! My favorite scene is after she has the baby.

Mrs. Greer said...

Love, love the video of Bailey dancing! By far the most precious thing, she will love to watch her and her Daddy when she gets older!

Janel said...

Hey girl, time for an update!! I Love the new pic on your header!! Your baby is getting SO BIG!!!

Becca said...

Sarah oh sarah, where are you sarah? Hope you've been having a fun time with your family!

Mrs. Greer said...

Saw the new picture at the top of the blog...it's the cutest! Miss your posts!

Dominguez Family said...

Hey Sarah,
Just wanted to say hi... Cute kids!


Andrea said...

It's time to post again Johnny!
Love the new family pic up top!