Sunday, June 01, 2008

A little bit of hope...

Friday May 30, 2008
I'm having a hard time remembering much of Friday so I'll just do what I can. Robert ended up taking the day off of work which was nice since I had to go into town for some things and that meant I wouldn't have to go all the way home then all the way back to pick him up and then all the way back home. The less amount of driving the better. He had a job interview that got postponed anyway so it was just better for him to take the whole day off. He needed it. So first we went and hung out at his mom's for a little bit. Then we took Joaquin to his Dr.'s appointment that ended up getting pushed back. So then we took Baily to Fiesta Mall to play in the kid's area (free entertainment) for a little while and then Robert dropped me off at my Aunt's as I had a planned phone call from my mom that day. He went to his job interview while I was at my Aunt's with my kids. I was a little worried when it took my mom so long to call but when she finally did I was so happy. It's always so great to hear her voice and talk to her after such a long time of not talking to her. Man I miss her so much. She sounded great and happy and that always does my heart good. After that Robert came and got us and we went back to his mom's for a little bit. Then we went and payed a bill and then took Joaquin to his 5 1/2 month check-up. He's doing great and is a healthy boy. He was like 18 lbs. 2 oz and I think about 26" or so (can't really remember for sure). But I do remember that he went down to about the 80th percentile for weight and up to the 75th for height. But all I care about is that he's healthy and he is. He only had 1 shot and he barely even fussed so that was nice. And as much as I'm trying to remember how the rest of the day went that's all I can remember.
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