Thursday, April 12, 2012

Coming Soon...

So I was doing well getting back into the blogging jig after we finally got our internet back and then Bam, our computer doesn't work.  Well thanks to some help from one of my very best friends, my brother Beau, I now have a beautiful new laptop (named Blue Steel because it's blue and sexy and strong).  I've never had such a nice computer that works so well and is just so awesome!  So now that I have the tools (internet and Blue Steel), I am excited to get back to my blogging jig.  I'm going to try something a little new in an attempt to keep my blog interesting.  I will do daily features. I openly admit I got a lot of these ideas from other friends' blogs and some of the ideas I came up with on my own.  I hope it proves interesting and enjoyable.  So starting this weekend here will be the following features:

Monday- Motivational Monday
Tuesday- Text on Tuesday (idea from Sara Murdock's blog)
Wednesday- Wordless Wednesday (idea seen on multiple blogs)
 Thursday- Thoughtful Thursday- musings from my mind
Friday- Flashback Friday- pictures and memories from my past
Saturday- Smiling Saturday- pictures and blessings that I'm grateful for- that make me smile
Sunday- Weekly Family Review

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