Tuesday, May 01, 2012

Texts on Tuesday

4.30.12 Me to Amy-Olivia:
"Hi Amy! It's Sarah- Baily's mom.  Do you happen to know when the field trip to the library is?"

4.30.12 Me to Elders:
"Hi there.  I'm so sorry for the late notice but I'm going to have to cancel our dinne appt.  Something came up.  I'm so sorry!  Are you guys all set up for the week?"

4.30.12 Jesse to Me:
"Thanks for the update"

4.30.12 Anne Marie to Me:
"No to this Friday Matthews great aunt and great grandma are going to watch him.  I think the 10th I have off and than one less day the week of Memorial day.  I can double check & get back to youif anything different with that."

4.30.12 Jessica-Alex Dunbar to Me:
"Alex and I are waiting here. Lol"
My punk nephew was sleeping and didn't hear Jess's knock.  Felt so bad she had to wait with her baby on our porch:/

4.30.12 Me to Babe:
"U just seem weird."

4.29.12 Me to Dad:
"Okee Dokee!"
We {heart} okee dokee popcorn.  Wisconsin rules!

4.28.12 Me to Beau:
"If i had a dog who was as ugly as you i'd shave his butt and tell him to walk backwards."
Can you guess what movie we were quoting to each other all night long?

4.28.12 Me to Beau:
"U make ur wheaties with ur mommas toe jam.  And u like it!"
Can you guess now?

4.28.12 Beau to Me:
"U play ball like a girl!"
You have to know by now!

4.27.12 Me to Alex:
"Relieved to finally know whats wrong and that its not all in my head."

4.25.12 Me to Alex:
"Remember when we went to yanni concert and u and i got up and started dancing?  Good times!"

4.25.12 Alex to Me:
"niki nana say say sa.  excellent times! [dax]"

4.27.12 Alex to Me:
"hes sis.  did you call me last night?  my phone was set to ring alarms so i didn't hear it.  i just show a missed call.  everything alright? [dax]

4.27.12 Me to Baby, Patty, Konny, Alex:
"Doc just called and said it is guttate psoriasis and prescribed me a steroid cream and i will meet with dermatologist in may to see if i need photo treatment.  She also said my labs show anemia and that i have subclinical hypothyroidism- whatever that is."

4.27.12 Alex to Me:
"all those big words look hard to pronounce and if a word is hard to pronounce, i'm scared of it.  are any of these serious or urgent? [dax]"

4.27.12 Me to Alex:
"They have to be addressed and i will have to be on medication for rest of my life but its all manageable and now that i finally know whats wrong i can focus on getting better:)"

4.27.12 Patty to Me:
"Time to google"

4.27.12 Me to Patty:
"Doing that right now."

4.27.12 Patty to Me:
"Me too"

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