Monday, April 23, 2012

Texts On Tuesday

So in order to post my daily feature on the actual day it's supposed to be posted I will be trying to prepare them the night before.  So the "Texts On Tuesday" will actually be texts from Monday.  So without further ado...

10:15am Me to Rhiannon:
 "Hi. Do u think u could pick up joaquin for me? If u have plans no problem. Just thought i'd ask."
  Asked my friend to pick up J from Pre-School so I wouldn't have to wake up sleeping babies and she did.  I love her:)

10:45am Me To Babe:
"Can u take 1/2 day today?"
Wanted hubby to come home early so I could go to an app't I forgot about and also to the Dr.  He couldn't so I couldn't.

3:06pm Jesse To Me:
"Thanks Sarah, pics help me not miss them so much!"
Mom to 2 of my daycare boys thanking me for sending her some pics of her sweet boys.

3:41pm Konny to Me:
"Get to an internist!!!  It's not your anemia.  Get your thyroid checked.... what is your hct let level?.  You can be jaundice from anemia or liver function problems.  Do you have any hepatitis?  You really need to be seen!!"
My Aunt Konny's response to some medical questions I have and a pic I sent her of my yellow fingernails.  Scary stuff:/  So grateful to have my Aunt Konny, though, and her medical expertise!
6:49pm Anne Marie to Me:
"Okay this week you will have Matthew Wed & Thurs.  Hope all is well.  Ps believe his giraffe is there or lost."
Another mom of one of my daycare babies.

Ok... so I decided I also want to post this text conversation I had with my best friend/brother Beau, even though it's from last Thursday, because it left me smiling for days and I want to remember it.
Beau to Me:
"Thanks!  How r u my sister?  I miss the old days when we used to just hang out in eachothers rooms and u listened to my stomach make noises."

Me to Beau:
"Lol.  I miss those days too.  And playing with your wiggly earlobes."
Beau to Me:
"And spying on u guys thru the doorknobless door..."

Me to Beau:
"And me punchinng you so hard when u got caught.  Lol"

Beau to Me:
"Hey..... thats not funny"

Me to Beau:
"Crack the egg on the tramp and gpa's awesome tire swing"
Beau to Me:
"Yikes!!  Go to the basement!"
That was after I sent him a pic of our tornado clouds.

Beau to Me:
"And gpas stilts....and him walking up behind us and snapping us with rubberbands."

Me to Beau:
"I'm picking up the bug at school.  Its passing though.  Gpa's homemade salsa with chips and the cousins playing may i."

Beau to Me:
"And getting grpa back with a rubberband cuz he would always fall asleep watching basketball.  And bringing in little critters for grma to see."

Me to Beau:
"And her saying naughty words.  Car cities outside with amy and cool forts with booby traps"

Beau to Me:
"Aw man!  Car cities were my favorite thing in the world!!  And mom making special family home evening treats sometimes.... like mud pies with worms!"

Me to Beau:
"Hide and go seek in the dark and dancing with gabby."

Oh man we had such a great childhood!!

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