Monday, September 15, 2008

September Catch Up #2

Here's my goofy kids. I think they're kinda cute;)
Joaquin is my little teddy bear. Don't you just wanna squeeze him and his no-neckedness!
Baily decided a while ago that her new favorite fruit is blueberries (any berries actually... thank you Max and Ruby!) and as you can see, Joaquin is rather fond of them as well.
Baily got some computer games from her Uncle Eyan while we were in Wisconsin to bring back home. Once Robert finally helped her (I'm a bad mom...) she caught on to it within seconds. She's so stinkin' smart. And wahoo!... another thing for her to do that takes up time so I can attempt to get things done!

This was my niece Emely's bridal shower that I got to put on for her. I made quite the spread of yummy food, there was fun games and she got some good stuff!
More of my silly kids. This was when Joaquin turned 9 months old. Crazy!!

This was my niece and her new husband D's wedding. Doesn't she look beautiful?! I got to be her Matron of Honor and Robert was one of the Groom's Men and Baily was the flower girl. Joaquin was a spectator;) So it was a full family affair. I'm bummed I didn't get more pictures. It was a beautiful ceremony and fun reception and I'm so happy for the new couple!Baily got a hold of my camera and was only able to take this picture before I confiscated it from her. Nice angle B!
Sick of seeing my kids yet? How could you be?! They're precious! Here they are just playing and Baily was sharing her drink with her brother. I figure I better enjoy that when I can.
This is Roberts being silly with Joaquin and enjoying some snuggle time while Baily was up in Show Low with her Grandparents.
And here's my turn to be silly with my boy.And this is the boy being the explorer that he is. He's bound and determined to discover every nook and cranny of this house!

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