Monday, September 15, 2008

September Catch Up #1

Here's some stuff we've been up to in the past month in no particular order.
This is my hot little boy with his cute mohawk. I style his hair like this ever so often but his dad's not too crazy about it. I think it's dang cute... don't you?!

Here's Joaquin with a bottle not knowing quite what to do with it. My poor kids don't know much about bottles!

Here's Baily with her pink glasses that she had been wanting forever and FINALLY got. It may take us a while but we do keep our promises!

And here's J enjoying some pizza. Yep... he's definitely one of us!
This was Baily's actual birthday. She got to take cupcakes to her pre-school class with M&M's that spelled out Baily Bug and had a flower and butterfly on them. She got a little party hat that she brought home and let her brother wear.

We went up to Baily's favorite place in the world, Show Low, for her birthday weekend and here we are just hanging out enjoying my Abuelita's house.

While we were there my brother Alex dragged (sorry we were such punks bro!) to his friend Chelsea's to play Mario Kart on Wii and RockBand. The kids were pretty restless and fussy but after J fell asleep and Chelsea so very kindly gave Baily all the attention she could ever want we had a blast. I so want a Wii and Rockband. Add it to the list right? But yeah, we had a blast that night!
This is Baily's official birthday party. It was a Spongebob party complete with crabby patties and a pineapple since Spongebob lives in a pineapple under the sea. Tia Franci made an awesome Spongebob cake and Alex and my Abuelita decorated so cute. However, asis a tradition apparently with Baily, she was a grump! She really takes to heart the saying "it's my party and I'll cry if I want to!" Like when it was time to do her birthday cake she was being a touch-me-not with this little girl Gerald and Rachelle brought over and my Grandma was telling her to stop. So she got mad and screamed at my Grandma. So I had to put her in Alex’s room for time-out and she threw a major tantrum in there while we all waited to sing happy birthday to her. Nice. When she finally calmed down we brought her out and sat her front of the cake. We lighted the candle and she immediately blew it out. Everyone was like “wait a minute Baily-let us sing to you” and we lit the candle again. No one laughed or yelled but she got so embarrassed so she threw a fit again. Nice. So we waited again for her to calm down and once she did we lit the candle and sang to her and she blew out the candle and because I helped her blow the candle out when she couldn't get it herself she got offended again and was crying. She's one sensitive little girl! I don't know where she could get that from... But besides her attitude the rest of us had a good time. Everyone still gave her presents which was nice and she made out big time. She got lots of coloring and art stuff, clothes, board games and all kinds of fun stuff. It was all in all a great party and I'm so grateful for my Show Low fam!

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