Monday, September 01, 2008

I'm a little late, but here's the 8!

I just noticed that I got tagged a little while ago and we all know I can't pass up a tag so here goes.

In honor of the Bejing Olympics opening ceremony on 8-8-08, here you go....
1. 8 TV shows I like to watch: So You Think You Can Dance, Prison Break, Heroes, American Idol, Jon & Kate Plus 8, Housewives shows on Bravo (bad), Law Order SVU and Martha Stewart (is that bad I had to narrow it down to 8?)
2. 8 restaurants I LOVE: Olive Garden, Texas Roadhouse, Chilis, Someburros, Mangos, El Rancho (in Lakeside), Red Robin and Mimi's Cafe
3. 8 things that happened today (yesterday): started scripture reading routine with the kids, took a nap, picked up a very messy house, read Pres. Monson's talk in the Gen. Conference Ensign, made Italian sausage and peppers for dinner, gave up soda (AGAIN!), watched Prison Break with my man and felt so blessed as Robert gave Baily a Father's Blessing for the "school" year
4. 8 things I'm looking forward to: going up to Show Low this weekend, laughing with my brother Alex, Fall!, getting into some serious BFL action and completing the challenge, Christmas season, my mom coming home, having more kids (no, not preggo!), Disney World Marathon Weekend
5. 8 things I LOVE about the summer: getting out of the valley!, swimming, summer Olympics, getting to go visit my family, strawberries, corn, 4th of July and monsoons!

6. 8 things on my wish list (I'll stick with material things since it's too lengthy for other things): our own house not out here in the middle of nowhere!, a new car (used would be just fine- just something small with great gas mileage like a Prius), new clothes, new computer, more furniture, new wide screen tv (it sucks not being able to see half the things on tvs), a bread maker and wheat grinder, and our full year's supply
7. 8 things I LOVE to do: laugh with my kids, blog (really? me?), dance, spend "time" with my hubby;), play sports and exercise, eat, play games with my family, go to Broadway plays
8. 8 people I want to tag (How do you narrow it down to 8?): Alex, Andrea, Beau, Becca, Cassy, Emely, Sandra and everyone else on my blog list!

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