Tuesday, September 02, 2008

August & Earlier 2008 Bailyisms

8.2- (we were having cheeseburgers and she was blessing it) Hen'ly Fadder, and please bless the crabby patties, amen. (apparently she watches a little too much Spongebob!)practically everyday- mom, I'm gonna go to school 'morrow and you can't come. you stay home mom and I'll go to school ok.
7.31- (she was mad at me for not letting her build a fort and had remembered that I told her I was going bye bye a little later) I think it's time for you to go bye-bye now mom!
7.31- (after Joaquin ate spaghetti) oh my goodness! just look at this mess!
7.26- (in the car after I asked her if she was tired) I don't want to talk 'bout it mom.
7.24- (after I told her to get out of Joaquin's crib) I'm so very tired mom. I just need to rest a minute k?
7.23- (after taking a picture with me) lemme see dat mom. awww... dat's so sweet huh?
7.20- (looking at herself in my vanity mirror in the bathroom) Oh my gosh mom! Just look at these wrinkles under my eyes. What am I gonna do about it? (she obviously spends WAY too much time with mom!)
7.20- (during a prayer after church) please bless the puck-cakes (cupcakes) and that they'll be chocolate, amen?- (during a family prayer a while ago) Andre! (her cousin) close your eyes and be reverent!
?- (while in the car with her dad and she was getting in trouble for something) Don't worry 'bout it dad. (in a very raised voice) I said I'm sorry! Gosh!
?- (while in the drive through at Taco Bell and she was tooting one right after another) (whispering) Hear dat mom? (me... what?) Butt bubbles! (followed by a lot of her giggling and then saying all the way home...) butt bubbles, butt bubbles, butt bubbles (I have no idea where she came up with that one!)


Mrs. Greer said...

Too too cute!!! Did you totally love Prison Break last night?!?!?! I was so excited I was bouncing around the house!

maelynn said...

She's a cutie!
Love the 'Butt Bubbles' one!

Brandi Lemire said...

Hey thanks for the comment. and yes keep your eyes open for me! haha, Can I get your address, we are having a baby shower for Sommer and I wanted to send you an invite.

Andrea said...

Haha... how cute! That is so good of you to write all that down, I need to be better about writing down things my kids say. I love your bubba dancing too... SO cute!

Tamie said...

butt bubbles are the best!!! that was just so cute! good for you for writing them all down....you'll be glad in a few years that you did!

Eric and Addie said...

love that she blesses the crabby patties and worries about her wrinkles. that is so funny.

Dickey Family said...

It is so fun hearing the things kids say. I try to write my kids funny things down, but I forget a bunch. Isn't it funny how little girls learn everythig there mommys do or say.

AZSMITHS said...

Cute sayings! It's good you write them down, we always forget all the cute things our kids say! By the way, I liked your sharing time on Sunday, it was fun and creative!!

loving life with livie said...

that is so great. i'm gonna do this, too. you've inspired me!

i'm sorry i haven't been commenting much...but, i LOVE your new colors! way cute!

Dickey Family said...

Sarah if you are wondering why I keep getting on your blog it is because I an getting addresses. You have the best blog and I thank you for that!