Friday, January 05, 2007

Well it's good to be home! And guess what showed up at my house tonight at 10:00? That's right! My suitcase! Yippee!! I'm so happy and so grateful. And now Baily has a lot more clothes since we all bought more for her on account of not having any for a while. So I'm blessed once again. You know what? I truly am so very much blessed... I really never have any reason to be unhappy. If I can only remember that when the hard times come. My husband was told today by the Doctor that he has a fatty liver and needs to lose about 10 pounds and stop eating fast food, eating healthier and exercising. I'm excited about this because now he can do the program with me. I haven't followed through since we got home- not excuse... just laziness. It's been crazy trying to get back into the swing of things but that's no excuse... I should've been more prepared. But I'm not down on myself about it. I'm just excited to get prepared to start next week with my hubby... I'm not sure if he wants to go on an all out BFL challenge but I know he'll definitely be striving for a much healthier lifestyle which will help in support to me. And plus I got all my BFL books and stuff back in the suitcase today which will help a lot in the planning and following through. It's gonna be great! Yesterday was pretty much a day of sleep. I was so tired from the crazy travel schedule. Then at night I went to Robert's first church basketball game of the season. It was fun. I got to chat with a new girl in our ward who seems like a sweety. I love ball season! Today was busy trying to get the house in order and stuff... still have a lot more to do tomorrow. And I got to go to lunch with my cousin Becca and her baby and my other cousin Lauren at my most favorite restaurant... Someburros. It was so yummy. My daughter on the other hand was quite the little brat. I think she's still a little messed up from the crazy travel schedule yesterday. It's good to be home but I do miss the fam up in Wisconsin already. I love them all so much! My life is truly blessed and if nothing else I accomplish this year- I want to start focusing on enjoying all my many blessings so much more! Good night!

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