Monday, January 01, 2007

It's All Good

Today has been great. I had a great UBWO (Upper Body Workout) even though it was with my dad's home gym as I am still here in Wisconsin on vacation visiting my dad and family. He has a home weight combo machine and a few dumbbells. It was a great workout and I felt an instant energy boost from it. I was also squeaky clean on my nutrition regardless of all the junk food I'm surrounded with. I felt really good today. Of course I always feel good on my first day of BFL. So far this year I've kept all my goals and resolutions. Go me! I love the feeling of a fresh new start to a new year with all the new goals and ambitions. And it's especially awesome that it started on a Monday this year. I love it!

One of my goals was to set aside some "Baily" time every day... at least 30 minutes of my uninterrupted attention. I think it's going to be great. Today I just played with her and her new little toys and read and sang with her. It really helped me in the fact that I feel like a better mother. And I also feel like a better mother not drinking soda because then she doesn't want it. I drank so much soda and of course she wants whatever mom has so she was drinking too much soda as well. She's way too young for that. She also eats my healthy food as well because like I said, she eats whatever I eat. It's great!

She's growing and learning something new every day. I just cherish her so much. I hate when I get impatient with her but I'm really working on it. I know the energy boost from a healthier lifestyle will help so much with my patience with her. These are the things she says now: who's that, pizzy (for pizza), cheese, momma, grandma, dad, all done and other things I can't think of right now. She signs the words for I love you, thank you, eat, drink, more and please. She's just so smart. Most of the time she has a smile on her face. Oh how I love my little girl!

I started the Book of Mormon again today. It's been too long since I last read. Oh how I love the Book of Mormon! It's such a powerful tool of peace and guidance and love. I remember my old Bishop Olsen telling me how there are people in our ward who have not missed reading in the Book of Mormon every day for like 15 years. That's so inspiring to me. I want to be like. I think the longest I've gone with consecutive reading is like 3 or 4 months... it's always the most easy-going time in my life. It's not that I haven't had any trials at those times but I'm just better equipped to handle them. I had a chance to bear my testimony of it to my brother Jensen today. It felt good to be able to share that with him. He's got a lot of issues and I so want him to find happiness in his life. I love him so much. I love all my family here in Wisconsin so much. I wish so bad that they could share in the peace and true joy that the gospel brings to me in my life. They will some day!

I've decided to just put my faith in Christ that He will help me to get my lost suitcase back. It was lost on our trip here. It was full of pretty much all of Baily's clothes, all my BFL books, my expensive calculater, mine and Baily's journal that I've been keeping for her, all her shoes, my tape measurer and I don't even know what else. I'm so disappointed and saddened because the journals and my family Book of Mormon that I read and made a lot of personal notes and stuff in are irreplaceable. And to top it off it wasn't even my suitcase- it was my Abuelita's that I borrowed. Oh yeah and my dad and Patty's Christmas gifts. I can never afford to get them Christmas gifts and the one year I do it's lost! It's very, very frustrating. I pray with all my heart I'll get it back. I will fill out a claim form and the American Airlines are supposed to compensate me for everything but I'd much rather just get the suitcase back. It's definitely a trial of faith and righteousness on my part. I could totally beef up the bill on the airline's part because since they lost the suitcase(which I have faith they didn't) they technically don't have proof what was in there. I could say I have a $10,000 ring in there and they wouldn't know. But it's not worth my integrity to lie about this. I'm glad they're willing to compensate me for my lost but it can really never be paid back in full. So I'm going to have faith that I'll get it back but if not I'll be honest about what I lost and just get the things that I can, back. Maybe that suticase was an answer to someone else's prayers... like a mother who desperately needed clothes for her little girl. And as a bonus she can be healthy and find the gospel as well! It's all about faith in Christ and trusting His will.
We pretty much only have one more day here in Wisconsin. I miss my husband and the comforts of my home but it will be sad to leave. It's been so nice spending time with the family. I'm so grateful for my family. My dad and step-mom have been so generous and helped in buying a lot of clothes for Baily. My dad also bought me some new running shoes which I'm so excited about. I don't even remember the last time I got new shoes let alone Nikes! I love my family so, so much!
Well 2007 has been a great year thus far! I love you for always!!!

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