Monday, January 01, 2007

A New Year A New You... errr Me, I mean... A New Year A New Me
Happy New Year! Wow it's 2007 already. I must say that 2006 was a great year with unforgettable experiences such as achieving my life goal of receiving my Endowment and getting Sealed to my lover for time and all eternity in the temple. There really are so many experiences that were great and meaningful but also many trials that hopefully I learned something from. It was definitely a year of ups and downs for me... as I suppose life will be. As I look forward to this year I'm really focused on working on me... a new me. I've decided that I want to commit to running the Walt Disney Marathon with my Aunt Konny and family in January of 2008. That means that I need to lose lots of weight and really commit to a training regime. That also means that I can't get pregnant at this time if I'm to accomplish this goal. This has been a hard decision to make as I'm quite baby hungry and I feel this urge to have another child. A part of me feels selfish for putting off having another baby for almost two more years but at the same time I really think it would be better to improve my health and lifestyle so I can be a better mom not only to a new baby but to my precious baby girl I already have. She's one of the best things in my life and she deserves the best mom I can be... wish is not what I am right now. I have no confidence in myself and really do not like myself a lot. I have no energy to keep up with her and it's affected my patience with her. She doesn't deserve my impatience or lack of attention. My husband deserves a wife that's happy most of the time... not an emotional wreck that I am. He's the best husband I could ask for and I'm so in love with him. I can't lose him because of my weaknesses. I'm so excited for this year because this year, unlike so many others, will be the year that not only I make goals to improve myself, but to actually follow through with them. I got new running shoes thanks to my pops today and I got a nice MP3 player for Christmas so I'm ready to go. I'm still on vacation in Wisconsin right now visiting family but I have everything I need to start ANOTHER BFL challenge tomorrow... and you know what? I'm gonna finish it this year come hell or high water!! But words are nothing without actions to back it up... so I'll just prove it to myself. I CAN DO THIS! My list of goals and resolutions is pretty long, but I know I can be successful in them. What's gonna make the difference this year you say? Faith in Jesus Christ- that's what. So Happy New Year 2007 and get ready- 'cause I'm gonna kick your butt!

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