Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Texts on Tuesdays

9.11.13- Konny to Me
"Still have box sitting in my car....worked 64 hours straight..may be able to get to post office by the weekend!!!!  Sorry...anxious for you to start program."

9.11.13- Me to Jordyn
"We are actually all set on food.  Thank you though;)  we will see you tonight-Baily is sooo excited!"

9.11.13- Emely to Me
"He lovely aunt!  Goodnight I'm sure your passed out!  Love ya"

9.13.13- Patty to Me
"U will have to give me some ideas what Kenai might like for his bday:)

9.13.13- Sisters to Me
"Hey weird question but what class do you go to for sunday school?"

9.13.13- Me to Marilyn
"Hi there.  So I have not heard anything about any of those jobs.  Have you?  Sorry to bother you:/"

9.13.13- Rhiannon to Me
"Coming.  Running late...As usual."

9.13.13- Beau to Me
"Holy cow..thats so cool!  And you said you werent that creative!  Those things are genius!  You remind me of mom in all the good ways;)"

9.14.13- Beau to Me
"Hey Al and Sis!  When is a good time to chat tomorrow?  I have an idea regarding the Baily Bug project and it involves the both of yuhs...if you are willing."

9.14.13- Elizabeth to Me
"I have a TON of jeans that the boys grew out of.  I have 5, 6 and size 7.  I have 4 or 5 pairs of 6's with tags still on.  If you want them, let me know and what sizes.  You can have all 3 sizes if you need them."

9.14.13- Me to Dad
"Let's go Badgers!  On Wisconsin!!"

9.16.13- Me to Alex
"I'm sorry I'm such a crappy sister.  I hope you know how much I love you and how proud I am of you for being such an awesome, talented person.  Love you!!!"

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