Thursday, September 05, 2013

Thoughts on Thursday- Box Tops

So I've been feeling the need to rant on this subject for a while.  I hate box tops, labels for education, and whatever else I have to cut off of trash to help out my children's school.  There I said it.  But seriously... as if moms of school age children don't have enough to do already, now, instead of simply throwing packages in the garbage, we have to take extra time to cut out small, badly placed little labels on packages to make sure our kids' schools get a whole dime.  I know I probably sound ungrateful and what not but this really annoys me.  I admit that I still take the time to cut the dang little box tops off and I even get enticed but the "3 extra box tops" advertising but sometimes I would honestly rather just donate the $1 a month myself than have to worry about those dang little labels.  But, in keeping with my honestly here, I know I'll just keep taking 2 extra minutes to cut those dang labels and whine about it on my blog.  #firstworldproblems

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