Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Texts on Tuesday

9.4.13- Me to ...
"Hi this is Sarah.  I just got your email about our cat.  Yes he is still available."

9.6.13- Sisters to Me
"Yessss!  We will be spiritually and physically fed at this baptism, perfect.  We are bringing Colleen too, is that ok?"

9.6.13- Me to Loren
"Ok.  Kids are doing a stupid fundraiser for school and was going to send you the info."

9.4.13- Me to Francine
"Sorry!!  Time got away from us before it was bedtime:/  rain check for Friday or Sunday?"

9.4.13- Francine to Me
"That's okay, yeah we'll try either one, let's see how the week goes.  Poor thing I bet you're tired, relax and get some rest, love you.  :)"

9.6.13- Me to Alex
"Thanks you handsome devil!"

9.6.13- Rachel to Me
"Yep I'll bring them.  Do you want me to bring lemonade in them?  I'm bringing dessert too.  Anything else I can bring?"

"No problem at all.  How many people are you expecting?  Let me know if there is something else I can do or bring.  I'm willing and I'm sure you've got lots to do."

9.7.13- Amy Williams to Me
"Hi olivia is worried that she was going to miss bailys birthday party because she didnt get to handout invitesat school.  I am sorry and understand if she wasnt invited baily told her she was.  amy"

9.7.13- Me to Amy Williams
"Of course she is invited!  Baily was supposed to hand them out this week but didn't unfortunately so they should (hopefully) get passed out on Monday.  The party is Friday the 13th at my house from 6-9.  It's a 'night owl' party so she is invited to wear her pajamas.  Also, Baily's getting baptized today at 1 and we would love for you guys to come.  There will be a dessert bar afterward.  I know it's super short notice though :)"

9.7.13 Me to Beau
"You should watch now you see me"

9.9.13- Nora to Me
"She does! Btw we should get together sometime in the afternoon and take the kids to a park or something:)"

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