Monday, January 23, 2012

One-on-One Dates

On Saturday we planned to have our one-on-one dates with the kids.  This month it was Baily with me and Joaquin with Robert.  Kenai went to a sitter's.  I know that sounds bad but he is too young to know the difference and he already gets way more one-on-one time with us than the other two.  Maybe we'll work him into the mix in a few months.  Anyway it worked out perfectly that we planned on having these dates on this weekend since Monster Jam was this weekend as well.  So Joaquin and Robert were so excited all month to go see the Monster Trucks.  They had a blast!  I heard about all night longs.  Joaquin said his favorite was the truck named Ironman.  I think Robert loved it the most.  I'm so glad they had such a good time together and this will be something they'll remember for years to come.

For my date with Baily I gave her a few options like going to see Beauty and the Beast in 3D, going to the art museum or the Domes.  She chose none of those and instead chose somewhere I hate- the mall!  But it was her choice so I said ok and was determined to make it a fun day for her.  
First though we went to one of her favorite restaurant- Wendy's.  She could have gone anywhere and that's what she chose- lol.  At least she's easy.

After our lunch we headed over to Southridge mall.  We got pretzels first even though we only ate a few bites since we were still stuffed from lunch.  After that we went to Bath & Body works and I cashed in my giftcard and then some.  Let's just say I'm well stocked up for the year:)  After that we headed to her favorite store- the Disney Store.   I told her she could pick one thing to get and I had to approve it.  She had a hard time deciding between a Rapunzel musical jewelry box or Lotso bear.  As you can see, she chose Lotso.  He has not left her side since!  He really does smell like strawberries too.  After that we stopped and looked at a few more shops, she rode the little train and then we headed home.  We laughed, talked and just had  an awesome day.

I loved these one-on-one dates and look forward to having them each month this year!!

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