Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Cocoa and Cookies

Baily LOVES snow!  So she has been pretty disappointed in the lame Wisconsin Winter we've had so far.  When we FINALLY got our first snow she was so excited and was the first one out to play in it.  She loves getting all her snow gear on for school and every day when I pick her up all she has to talk about is what snow game she played that day.  On the way home from picking her up from school today she asked if she could play in the snow when we got home.  I said yes but that most of it was all melted.  (We are having super warm sunny days again this week).  She exclaimed "NO!  I hate the snow melting!"  She was quiet and serene the whole way home and when we pulled up I asked her what was wrong and she just said "I'm not ready for Spring.  I didn't even get to play in the snow that much."  Apparently that was what was on her mind the whole drive home.  So as soon as we got home she didn't even go inside- she went straight to work at playing in what little snow we have left.  Afterward she came in and promptly requested the necessary "after-playing-in-the-snow snack"... cocoa and cookies.  And who am I to turn down such an understandable request.  As you can see, she thoroughly enjoyed said snack and she's got quite the bit of hat hair going on.  

Here's to Winter not being over yet!!

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