Friday, March 20, 2009

January Bailyisms

1.1 Mom? That make Jesus happy when I'm nice to Keen (Joaquin) huh?
1.1 Joaquin was about to pull over something breakable and I sternly said No Joaquin. Baily then says "He's just a baby mom." Ok thanks Baily- I'll remember that next time.
1.2 I kept telling her over and over to eat her dinner and she looks at me and says "uh... I'm gonna with no." Nice.
1.5 "Mom, I love my scrippers (scriptures)!" That made melted my heart.
1.12 Robert and I may have been making out and we may have thought we were alone when all the sudden we hear "Are you guys kissin'?!" in a very disgusted tone. Then she says "Stop. I don't like it." Ok- we'll keep that in mind.
1.13 Me and the kids went up to Show Low a few days before Robert and Baily was worried we were already going back home to WI. She screams at me at the top of her lungs "I'm not going to Wisconsin without my daddy!" Poor girl. Needless to say she was very happy that her daddy came back to WI with us this time.
1.15 I was waiting for her to finish going to the bathroom so I could help her wash her hands and she looks at me and with a big sigh says "I need some privacy please!"
1.15 She was watching Tele Novelas (Spanish soap operas) with her Abuelita and Tia Franci and I was talking and she says "Shhh! I'm trying to watch this here."
1.20 We were in a gas station and I was getting a.. ahem- soda... and we walked by the Little Debbie snowballs (the chocolate cakes that are covered with marshmallows and pink coconut) and she says "Oh my gosh mom! What is that? I have to have it." The people around us were cracking up. How could I say no to such an excited little girl?! She ended up taking 2 bites and was done. Go figure.

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