Friday, March 20, 2009

Counting my blessings- 1.12-1.23

1.12- answer to prayer and not getting a migraine even though I know I was about to get one, hanging out with my step-dad Gerald, holding my babies, knowing I was missed my hubby, all the awesome Christmas gifts from my step-parents, a wonderful evening with my hubby;)
1.13- getting organized, lunch and park with Gerald, El Pollo Loco (yummy), having a blast with my younger siblings Zachary and Mackenzie and just really enjoying each other's company, kids sleeping on the long drive to pick up Robert from work, Gerald waiting for us to get back so we could get a ride with him up to Show Low and him helping out with my kids so much, getting to Show Low and seeing my Abuelita and bro Alex
1.14- hanging out and chatting my Show Low fam, getting a ton of much needed laundry done, hot shower, really good scripture study session and growing love for the D&C, relaxing, Abuelita's spaghetti dinner, going to the movies for free (free food too!) with my bro Alex and his friends, jamming in the car and dancing our booties off with Alex, Papa John's pizza and garlic sauce, playing Catch Phrase and cracking up with Alex and his friends, Baily being so tired and so silly and cracking us all up
1.15- a good night's sleep, tickling J and loving his laugh, going to lunch at Pizza Hut with Rachelle- lunch buffet!, kid-free blogging and getting all caught up!, disposable diapers, Alex's awesome computer, my Abuelita finally got a central heating system in her house, my Abuelita's sewing machine and that I know how to sew, my Abuelita's tuna casserole, Chai
1.16- J's winking, J's rosy cheeks, playing with J and his laughing, the way B always loves to cuddle with me first thing when she wakes up, Robert making up to Show Low safe, reuniting with my hubby, knowing Robert loves me, how much of a great dad Robert is and how much our kids adore him, my Abuelita's homemade cooking, board games, playing games with family and friends, lovin' with my hubby;)
1.17- Joaquin's early morning happiness, my niece Emely's awesome massages, Gerald helping (actually pretty much doing by himself) change the oil and check over our van, yummy Little Ceasar's pizza, reading a book, my kids going to bed earlier, a magical evening, late night chats with my niece, delicous meat loaf dinner- mmm!
1.18- Johnson's diaper rash cream, my Aunt Kathy who I can call for medical advice whenever I need it, yummy breakfast, watching the Cards game with my hubby, the Cards winning and we're going to the Super Bowl!!, texting my dad during the game, delicious Navajo tacos that my Abuelita & Tia made, my awesome early b-day present from my step-parents that I LOVE!, winning in May I? again, having the best family in the world:)
1.19- my Abuelita's sweet prayer for us for a safe trip and all of us holding hands during the prayer, my Abuelita & Tia's generosity that helped us make our trip back home possible, my niece Emely helping with the kids so much, making good time on our long drive safely and soundly, our working in good condition van, Wendy's french fries and frosty's, not dying in the motel room, music, good conversation with my hubby
1.20- McDonald's cheap and yummy breakfasts, another safe trip in a good vehicle, good lunch from my niece's sweet hubby D at a buffet with really good food- best fried chicken ever!, making it home safe and sound, helpful people, a much needed hot shower, a good night's sleep, Joaquin's crib and him sleeping in it!
1.21- having my hubby here with me for good at last!, my step-mom Patty's sloppy joe's, my mom's letters, getting our room set up, Baily being so happy and in such a great mood now that her daddy's here, Baily teaching Roberts how to sled for his first time ever, being at home sweet home, Patty's homemade chicken noodle soup, kid's going to bed early, playing raquetball with my hubby even though I got creamed, getting my first paycheck in the mail, staying up late watching movies with my hubby and enjoying late night frozen pizza just like the olden days, the beautiful scenery in the movie Miss Potter, the laughs we always get (me and Robert) out of the movie The Three Amigos
1.22- my new Bare Minerals make-up set, getting my schedule and name tag and swipe card at work, going to the library with my sweet family, a delicious pizza lunch with my family, Robert getting a call and phone interview for a possible good job so soon, getting organized, blogging, the Internet, goofing off and laughing 'till it hurt with my family- it's so great to be together at last!
1.23- pay days, washers and dryers, cleaning tools, getting most of the things on my to do list done, my husband having a stronger stomach and helping when Joaquin power puked, answer to my prayer for Joaquin to feel better and sleep well, Baily and Robert playing Memory and B giggling like crazy

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