Tuesday, December 30, 2008

A Few Things of Note

Here's just a few things I want to remember about the happenings of my slacker blogger life these past couple of months (in no particular order), that I unfortunately don't havfe pictures to go with:
*The next door neighbor here at my dad's house have a 3 year old little girl with Amber. Baily had her first play date with her a few days ago and she was so excited. She had never met her before but as soon as I told her the morning of her playdate that she was going to be playing with her new friend Amber she couldn't wait and all day kept saying "I'm going to play with my friend Amber mom and I be nice and share all my toys." Baily was a little shy at first when Amber came over but she was sweet and loving toward Amber and after they played a while here she went over to Amber's house for about an hour and she had a blast. My baby's growing up way too fast! It's cool that she has a friend now that is right next door that's the same age as her. There's actually a few kids in the neighborhood around the same age that she'll be starting Pre-K with this fall so that's pretty awesome.
*I don't know why I thought that as soon I got here I'd have a job within a week. It took more like a month and a week. I forgot how annoying it is looking for a job. But I'm glad (in a bittersweet sort of a way but that's for a different post) to say that I recently got hired at a 4 diamond resort here in town called The Grand Geneva Resort as a banquet server. I'll be working in the afternoons. I've only done orientation and the paperwork mumbo jumbo so far. My first real day of working/training will be this Sunday afternoon (not excited about that but we have to make a living...) before we fly to AZ. It's only supposed to be part-time since it's their off-season and they are pretty slow so they say but when I talked to my manager/scheduler it seems like there are a lot of hours available which is good. I really hope my hubby will be able to land a great job soon after he gets here but until then I'm grateful to have found a pretty good job to help support the needs of our family- especially in such a struggling economy at the moment.
*Robert's sister had a sweet new baby girl named Alexis Marjorie on December 16th- the only girl with 4 brothers. I'm so excited for the family and I can't wait to squish on her when we go to AZ next week!
*Church news doesn't travel very fast here out in WI when there's no Internet access and when whether conditions keep you from going to church every single Sunday so I was so sad to hear like a week or 2 later that Elder Wirthlin died. I guess sad's not the right word- more like happy for him but sad because I'll miss his sweetest little smile and his amazing talks. I had just finished studying his last General Conference talk, Come What May and Love It, and I really feel like that was one of my favorites of the session and one of Elder Wirthlin's best talks. I'll sure miss him!
*Baily and I got to go sledding out in the front yard with Eyan and Patty and it was so. much. fun!! Baily is such a daredevil- a girl after my own heart, and I love that. We look forward to lots more sledding adventures living in this here Wisconsin;)
*7 weeks is WAY too long to be away from my hubby. Oh how I miss him and CANNOT wait to kiss those scrumptious lips! And I know I NEVER want to be a single mom. I'm one tired momma!
*It's REALLY, REALLY cold here (a couple days got down to like -40 with the windchill factor), but I honestly and truthfully love it. I used to hate the cold but it must be my Eskimo blood kicking in because I really don't mind it at all. I love the idea of experiencing all 4 seasons in all their glory.
*We are now members of the Elkhorn Ward in the Southern Milwaukee Stake and I love it! You couldn't ask for friendlier people. Last Sunday the Bishop's wife invited me over to her sister's house for their weekly big family dinner and it was great. Their parents are in the ward as well and are getting ready to go on a mission to Russia. They are the nicest, sweetest, most welcoming people. I was so grateful for their invitation. My kids had a blast with all the kids and I enjoyed some nice adult, LDS conversation. I soaked up the warm Spirit that was so strong. Everyone else in the ward seem just as friendly and I'm so excited to be part of the humble, sweet little Elkhorn ward. How blessed are we to have lived in the 3 best wards of the church?!

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