Tuesday, December 30, 2008

The Big One! (Post that is.)

I really don't believe anyone will read all of this but I want to document all this for reading sake. I can't believe how far I've gotten behind on blogging so there's a LOT to catch up on. Let's get started!
This is just my sweet kids hanging out outside on a beautiful October day in AZ. Good times.

We had an awesome Halloween. It's officially Baily's favorite holiday. She just can't get enough of it. We got "Bood" twice and we got an awesome Halloween package from my mom in the mail. Baily got to take Halloween cookies into Pre-school and dress up. We spent Halloween day at the mall and went to my MIL's afterward. We were one buggy family. Well Robert and the kids were anyway. I ran out of time and money to make my costume. Baily was a butterfly and Joaquin was the cutest little bumblebee you ever did see and Baily INSISTED that her daddy be a ladybug. And Robert being the awesome dad that he is- was a lady bug. We went to the annual 61st ward Halloween block party complete with tons of great food, carnival games and prizes and a trunk or treat afterward. It was so fun to catch up with all the friends from that ward. On the way home from that Robert dropped Baily and I off a few blocks from his mom's house so Baily could go real trick or treating. She was a little hesitant at first since the first house we went to had strobe lights and very real-looking dead people giving out the candy (probably not the best option for a 3 yr olds first time trick or treating) but once she realized that all she had to do was say trick or treat and she got free candy she was all excited. She would run up to the door and shout "trick or treat" and then get this huge smile on her face when she got candy. Then she would say thank-you so sweetly. While we were walking in between houses she looked at me and said in the most excited voice you ever did hear "Mom. I LOVE Halloween!" And then she raised her and yelled "YES!!!" It was hilarious. That was definitely one of my favorite mom/Baily moments. After we got home the kids stayed with their Abuela so we could get some packing done. Sweet! Robert and I had a most wonderful evening;) Halloween rocks!
My goofy girl decided that Joaquin's little jammy pocket must be filled with goldfishys. Why didn't I think of that?!
I finally buckled down and let Joaquin "cry it out" and learn how to fall asleep in his crib. It was a rough first couple of nights but it worked and now as soon as I put him in his crib at his naptime and bedtime he's out. Bliss I tell you! Why didn't I do that earlier?!

We went up to Show Low a week before we moved to Wisconsin to get in some bonding time and to have an early Thanksgiving. I don't know why but for some reason I didn't take many pictures. But it was a blast. The dinner was great and me and Robert had a blast going over to Alex's friends house for an all-night jam session with Rockband. We miss our Show Low family so much!

We got to hang out at Gerald and Rachelle's house (my step-parents) while we were in Show Low and Baily had a blast making a fort with her Grandpa and watching movies and eating popcorn in it. We sure do miss them!

My little family left AZ on November 20th in a U-Haul and arrived here at our new home in Wisconsin on November 20th. We stayed the first night in Tucumcari, NM and the 2nd night in Kansas City, MO. It was cold and I was really sick but the kids did so much better than we thought and it was a pretty smoothe trip all in all. We were glad to be home once we got into Wisconsin that's for sure. Once we got here it was Robert's turn to be sick and most of the fam here was sick. We are living with my dad and family (which consists of my dad and step-mom Patty and my 2 brothers- Jensen who's 17 and Eyan who just turned 10) until we can get good jobs and hopefully be able to buy our own house soon. Robert had to leave the 24th and we've been apart since then. He went back to stay with his mom while he finished up his job and gave me time to find a job of my own. It's been really hard and we can't wait to be reuinited next week. Robert will be coming back up here to Wisconsin the 16th of January for good.
We love snow!!
She's such a goof- just like her daddy!

Thanksgiving was simple but sweet. Good food (including Chex mix) with family and watching the Macey's Day Parade on an awesome Hi-Def widescreen tv- what more can you ask for?!
I finally got a much needed new phone and I looove it! Texting is so much easier now and I can actually hear people now and they can hear me. Well- when there's a signal at least but that's a whole new issue...
The family dog Chester has taken it upon himself to be the ultimate protector of my children and they sure do love him. He's such a great dog!
My brother Eyan loves to dress up and it's awesome.
My kids can always count on Grandpa H. for a snack!
My sleeping angels!
Why does my girl love ice cream and popsicles in the winter?!
Man I love my son!

This was just a fun day we had being outside and enjoying the VERY chilly weather. As you can see, my kids are not a bit phased by the cold- they LOVE it!

We had so much fun helping the fam decorate for Christmas. My dad and Patty's Christmas decorations can put anyone's to shame. It was so fun and Baily really got into this year.
Just J!
The snow and birds are oh so beautiful!!
My little Wisconsinites.

Of course we had to take advantage when we moved her of my dad's fine hairstyling skills (he's been a hairstylist most of his life). Baily got her haircut but surprise, surprise she was in one of her moods so needless to say there's no pictures of that fun event. Then Joaquin got his first haircut from my dad (not his first ever... just from my dad) and he was so good. He loved it. Then I got my hair colored (my favorite color job I've ever had! My dad rocks!!) and cut. I always say I'm going to grow it out but I just can't stand it. I really am going to this next year though;)

We got to go to my step-mom Patty's Christmas work party at the Firestation (she works as a Dispatcher for the Police Department). They had tons of great food and Santa came with some pretty great gifts for the kids. It was a lot of fun and I'm so glad we got to tag along. Baily was excited all day about seeing Santa and telling him that she wanted a talking house for Christmas but as soon as she came she wanted nothing to do with him. She managed to hold back the tears though and was able to get out her request. He then gave her a gift. When we sat down to open it (she was EXTREMELY tired by then) she was pretty confused at why he didn't give her the gift she asked for. I was pretty upset with her for being so ungrateful but I honestly think she was just very confused and so very tired. After a while of being fussy though she told me "Mom. I'm sorry for being a brat (I may have called her that...). I'm thank Santa. I'm happy now." And she was the rest of the night. It was a pretty great day.

For a FHE one night in December Eyan, Baily and I put together a gingerbread house. It was so fun and it turned out just precious. Good Christmas times!

For Joaquin's first birthday party we combined it with my brother Eyan's whose birthday was later on the 21st. We had over a bunch of family for lots of good food, cakes, presents and games. We weren't sure if everyone would make it but they did and it was an awesome party. Joaquin made out pretty well as did Eyan and everyone had a blast hanging out and enjoying each other's company. It was the first time most of the Roath (my step-mom's side of the family) had been together in a very long time. It was mentioned by quite a few of the family that they could feel Grandma and Grandpa there. (They both passed away not too very long ago). It was such a great day and I'm so grateful for the reason to be able to celebrate two very special boys' birthdays. How blessed we are!!
All GQ for church. Love this kid!
Love this kid!
Hot chocolate is my new best friend!!
My silly girl LOVES her blocs!
Wisconsin definitely has not disappointed us in the snow department. We've gotten so much so snow and we LOVE it. It feels so much more Christmasy and festive. It's so beautiful! And Baily just cannot get enough of it. Grandma Holwick bought her a complete snow outfit when we got here and Baily is making sure to get full use out of it. She loves the snow and it loves her! Yay for real winters!!
Christmas Eve was a whirlwind day for me! Due to us not having our Christmas spending money until Christmas Eve I got to go shopping with my dad and all the other males in the world. So Joaquin, my dad and I ventured out Christmas Eve morning for our daddy/daughter Christmas shopping date. We had to fuel up first of course (anyone who knows my dad understands this) so we ate first at Perkin's and it was delish. Then we hit up Shopko, Kohl's and 2 different Wal-Marts. It was a long day of shopping. As soon as I got home I had to give my daughter the mom attention quota for the day, make Christmas cookies for Santa and write him a note, wrap presents, open the tradtional one gift for Christmas Eve, get my kids to sleep and then "help" Mrs. Clause put together a dollhouse with a bajillion stickers, fill the stockings and leave notes for the kids. Man did Mrs. Clause miss her Mr. Clause! I have to mention how cute it was that Baily was so excited for Santa to come. When I told her she had to get to bed because Santa was coming and if she was awake he would leave she ran to her bed. It's never been so easy to put her to sleep! As I was lying there with her she whispered to me "Shh. Hear dat mom? I think I hear the reindeer. I better go to sleep. Good night!" That's what it's all about folks!
Christmas was so nice and Santa didn't disappoint that's for sure. It was a great Christmas but just not the same without my hunny here. Other than that though I am so grateful for such a wonderful Christmas. Baily really got into Christmas and the excitement of Santa this year. She loves Santa... as long as it's from a distance. Ever since October when she started seeing the commercials for the "talking house" (the Mrs. Higbees Caring Corners talking playdoll house) she's been asking for it. So that's what was on the top of her wishlist this year from Santa. As soon as she woke up she looked at me excitedly and said "Mom! Let's go see if Santa came!" So we went to the dining room where the tree and gifts were and guess what?! He brought her exactly what she wanted! Wahoo! And Joaquin was so excited with his little gadget light toy and basketball hoop. It was so precious. When the rest of the family was up (which most of them were and they were waiting) we opened the rest of the bajillion gifts. Baily and Joaquin made out like bandits. Some of the things Baily got were a Leapfrog Clickstart which she LOVES, a ballerina princess outfit, snowboots, art stuff, games, clothes and lots of other fun stuff. Joaquin got snow clothes, bath toys, clothes and all kinds of fun toys. He took quite a while to open his gifts though... in fact- maybe someone had to help him and open them up for him;) I got an awesome winter coat and boots and hat and gloves (I guess you could say we weren't quite prepared to move up here...). Anyway, I was so excited! We really are so spoiled. Ater that the kids had a blast playing with their new toys and dad and I and Patty after she woke up, made a scrumptious Christmas dinner with ham, twiced baked potatoes, home-made rolls and all the fixin's. We missed our Robert so badly but other than that it was a great Christmas and how grateful I am for my Savior... the real Reason for the Season!!

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Beau said...

hey Sista!, I actually read all of it! Doesn't sound so bad there, minus the fact that your husband isn't there of course. I love all the pics of my niece and nephew and I am so ready for our little Adley to show his little face here in this new world. I only hope I can be as good of a parent as you are. Happy New Year! sorry I didn't call last night. Love ya Sis. REmember....you are changing lives there.