Tuesday, April 01, 2008

Um... yeah.

So obviously I have a lot of catching up to do and a lot of backtracking. I will be working on this for a while I'm sure since I have a ridiculous amount of pictures so check back regularly and I'm sure you'll have plenty of reading material. Thanks for your patience!


Janel said...

Congrats on your pregnancy!! Hoy cow!!! Well girl, you know if anyone can sympathize, the lady over here who had 5 kids in 6.5 years can!!! If you need to give me a call, don't hesitate!! LOL Oh boy, you are in for it, but don't worry too much, you can do it!! :D

jes said...

k glad you're back, was begining to wonder where you'd gone! haha
k are you serious or is this april fools? if it's for real! congrats!

Emily Loria said...

Hey, my boys are spaced just that way, Josh was 3 months when I got pregnant with Ben. I love it, they are best buds. If this is not an april fools, I am sooooooooooo happy for you!

candace said...

Hi there, you don't know me, but my friend Tamie (who I guess is your friend Tamie as well), told me that you just moved to Maricopa, AZ, and we just moved here 2 weeks ago. So I am stopping by to say hello. :) I am LDS, too, and am wondering what ward you are in? I think we're in Maricopa 2nd? I live in Senita. You are more than welcome to check out my blog, if you want. Please message me back, too. I'd love to get to know a few people out here... Thanks!