Tuesday, April 22, 2008

For Reals This Time

So I started my BFL challenge yesterday and I really do have my blog up and running. **Caution- It does contain humiliating and shameful pictures of me in a bikini which I know is not desirable to see, so if you don't wanna see that either don't look when you're on the blog or don't go to the blog;) I'm doing this to chart my journey and progress and hopefully to inspire and support others who are trying to lose weight and be healthy and also to gain inspiration from others. Thanks! Here's the link:


Julie said...

Go Sarah go!! Aaron and I do a work out everyday by Crossfit.com, I can't do the weights that they post but I try to do the duration or # of sets, it got me down from my 200lbs after Gionni was born. They have viedos for every they of exersize so you and see how to do it corretly. but for me it was really the change in food:( we only eat out once a month somedays it is a killer but I can't tell ya how much it has help.

Emily Loria said...

Congrats Sarah! Good for you!