Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Not much goin' on...

Since I've made a goal to blog/journal every day to get in the habit I'm gonna go ahead and make a post even though there's not much to really report.

I made an exciting new discovery the other day at the store- Mighty Magic Popsicle MINIS. They're awesome because they're so tiny that they don't really make mess and they are long lasting which means that you can't really bite into them- you have to suck them until they're gone. They're perfect for little ones that bug you to have pops (that's what Baily calls popsicles) all day. I highly recommend them!

Yesterday I just mostly did laundry and picked up. I tried to get caught up in my scripture reading but didn't quite get there. But I feel good that at least I read. I'm to 3 Nephi 29 and my goal is to be done by August 8th. I'm like 16 chapters behind. I plan on getting caught up today. I originally started reading a while ago and my finish goal date keeps getting pushed back from May. Naughty I know. But I will finish on time this time.

Last night after dinner we took a nice walk. It was all cloudy and a little sprinkly. We didn't get much rain yesterday, just a drizzle. But it was still nice. I love this overcast weather.

I know dreams are usually weirder or more intense when you're pregnant. I usually don't mind them when they're funny or silly or sexy:):):), but last night was insane. I was dreaming that me, Baily and my brother Beau were at some weird zoo that has 3 phases to visit and we were in the 2nd phase. Well it sucked. Think of all the ugly, scary animals from every zoo- including the reptiles and bugs and spiders, and they were in this phase. And for some reason all these animals aren't caged up and in order to get through the phase you have to spend the night in this area. By the way it's all one enlcosed area. So we were in our room trying to sleep and all the sudden out of the bed come these annoying little cats (I HATE cats) clawing at us. So we kick them and they turn into these little balls and just start rolling around in our rooms. Then came the bugs. As if I'm not itchy enough with my stupid rash/infection, I was miserable last night. What the heck was that all about? I better have some good dreams coming up to make up for that sucky one!

We have our big ultrasound appointment today which should be fun. It's the one where they do all the measuring and stuff to make sure he's all good. I'm excited about that. The little guy is starting to get so active. I love it! I'm starting to get more excited and less worried as the days go by. And tonight's one of my favorite tv shows... like the only I watch in the summer, "So You Think You Can Dance." I'm still bummed that my favorite girl got voted off last week- Jamie, but oh well. I just love the dancing. The Youtube video is my favorite dance from the season so far. It gives me goosebumps and brings me to tears every time. Wade Robson, my favorite all-time choreographer, choreographed this dance. Isn't it amazing! I should've been a dancer!

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