Sunday, July 29, 2007

Before I forget to mention it... We're having a BOY!!! And we're so super excited!

Busy, Fun Day

I had a fun day today. I got the haircut and even though I didn't think I was going to be able to go to the movies since I didn't have a sitter for Baily, my friends hooked me up and I was able to go. Monica volunteered her husband to watch Baily and he agreed which was so sweet of both of them. I was all depressed thinking I wouldn't be able to go so I'm glad it worked out. Baily seemed to have a fun time at the Richardson home playing with Rachel and I loooved the movie.
It was quite the tear jerker. It really made me appreciate the love and strong bond I have with my mom and my own daughter. It made me really think about how I can't take time with my loved ones for granted because you never know what's going to happen. I was also grateful to have some girlfriends to watch chick flicks with. Since my mom's been gone I've really missed having someone to do those kinds of things with. It's good to have good friends and I'm so grateful for them!

As soon as Baily and I got dropped off after the movie my step-dad and his wife came to pick us up and take us to dinner. Robert had to work overtime today which sucked so he couldn't join us. They took us to TGI Friday's which is not one of my favorites but it was pretty good. Rachelle really wanted to try the fried mac&cheese which I wasn't so sure about but it was actually pretty yummy. Baily loved it.
She also loved her mandarin oranges and chicken strips. I had blackened chicken alfredo which was pretty good but the best was the choclate brownie dessert thingy. It was sooo good. After dinner we went to Target where Baily got to be super spoiled by her Grandpa and Grandma. They got her lots of toys and a sandbox and big girl panties. We're gonna start potty training next week as long as her infection is cleared up. Anyway they also got her baby brother some adorable booties and a beanie and a onesie that says "Automatic Sprinkler!" I'm not so sure I'm ready for that part of a boy! It was nice to be treated to such a fun night.

After we got home and Robert got home from work and Baily stole some of her daddy's french fries- as soon as she hit the sack she passed out. She had such a fun busy day! Tomorrow's church and I'm excited to take the Sacrament. It's so refreshing. It's also Robert's official birthday. I'm thinking about making him one of his favorite breakfasts- my breakfast burritos. We'll see how early I wake up though. And out of all the different yummy meals I can make his birthday meal request is plain old spaghetti. What a dork! I guess he just loves my spaghetti. I'm also going to make him some strawberry cheesecake. It should be a good day!

Oh and before I forget... there's this really cool new website called Simpsonizeme where you can get yourself made into a Simpson character. Mine and Baily's didn't turn out well at all but Robert's is like exactly him. It's almost freaky. I couldn't believe how real it looked of him! Isn't that just crazy! Ha ha ha... Here's the link if any of you want it


Cordova Family said...

So cute! Happy Birthday Robert!! I totally forgot today was the actual day! That simpson thing is too fun! It suits him well...are the boys going to see that next weekend??

Jeff, Jana, and Emma said...

Sarah, thanks for the comment on my blog...I do remember you! For sure, if you ever want to do pics give me a call! All my info is on my photography blog .
And hey, I just saw that movie and loved it too! Maybe I should have seen it with a girl, though...Jeff goes, "not much really happened..." Ha! --Jana