Sunday, July 29, 2007

Happy Birthday Babe!

My super fine honey turned 30 today and I just want to take a minute to express my love and appreciation for the wonderful man that he is. I love him so, so, soooo much! Mwaaa!!

I didn't end up making him breakfast this morning because when I woke up it was already 10:45. Crazy huh? We missed Sacrament- I was so bummed. I really, really wanted to take the Sacrament today. But I am so glad we made it in time for the combined Relief Society/Priesthood meeting today. The focus was missionary work and Bro. Richardson made this amazing video where a bunch of converts from our ward talked about how they were introduced to the Church and became baptized. Every time I hear a conversion story it just tugs at my heartstrings so of course I was crying through the whole video. I didn't even know half the people that were in the video were converts. It was so neat to hear their stories because they were people I knew and it really motivated me to be a better missionary. Most of them were somehow touched by an example or invitation by a member of the Church. It really made me think about how many people I know or might have an influence on and also about opportunities I may have missed because I wasn't living my best and spiritually prepared. Anyway it was a good motivator and I'm really excited to be a better missionary. I have this book.. and I'm really excited to learn from it.

After Church I got to go visit teach Sis. Campbell with my partner Jennifer. It was a good visit. I really do love both these sisters. I learn so much from them and I am truly grateful for the Visiting Teaching program. As soon as I got home from there Gerald and Rachelle were over and I put together dinner real fast and we had a nice dinner together. We had Robert's boring favorite spaghetti and garlic bread and a strawberry cheesecake for dessert. After we ate and they left I dropped off a cheesecake to Marta and then Robert, Baily and I went for a walk. It was hot but always nice to go on a walk with my family. So besides my hormones going crazy and resulting in moodiness that I couldn't control (poor Robert and Baily), it was a nice Sunday. I'm looking forward to the coming week and the start of a fresh new month. I have a lot I need to work on personally. I love the idea of a fresh new week and month. 'Till next time!


Janel said...

Hey girl, I didn't know you had been posting a BUNCH! Congrats on the B-O-Y, they are SO fun!! E_mail me and We will get together again, K???

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