Tuesday, February 07, 2012

Our House January 30th-February 5th... Giant FHE, Special Treats, Animal Encounters, and Grandma's Birthday!

We had a pretty good week this past week.  I decided to I can keep up on my blog and not get overwhelmed with trying to post every day I'm going to try out posting weekly updates.  We'll see how it goes.  

On Monday it was the fifth Monday so we had an open night to do something fun and unstructured for FHE (Family Home Evening).  When I was at the store with Joaquin we found these ginormous coloring books that looked like so much fun.  So I got a Super Heroes one and a Disney Princesses one.  So for FHE we colored and just chatted.  It wasn't as wonderful as I had planned since Kenai's idea of fun was "scribble scrabbling," as Baily calls it, all over her pictures and Baily freaked out about it and also because he wanted to play 109 crayon pick-up... without the picking up.  But it's the thought that counts... right?!

We were grateful to get part of our income tax return and after paying a few bills we each got a special treat.  I got a lot of household items that I've been wanting to get for a while like a grill pan and stuff like that.  I also registered for 4 races this year and I am so excited about that.  Robert also got us a dishwasher.  I would say this is mostly for me because now that we have the dishwasher Robert does the dishes every day and that's a huge load off my back.  Who needs roses when you have a man who will get you a dishwasher and do the dishes for you every night?  Oh baby, oh baby:)

Joaquin got his Thor toy that he's been eyeing for weeks.  Have I mentioned how into Super Heroes he is these days?

Baily got a new game for her 3DS- Barbie Glamour pups.  As you can clearly see, she's a big fan.

The big treat for sure was Robert's new iPad2.  He's been wanting this forever and he works so hard in supporting our family he totally deserved it.  Besides, it's a fan favorite for the whole family- not just Robert.  The kids love playing Angry Birds and doing puzzles.  I have no doubt that the iPad2 will benefit us all to a great degree:)

On Saturday it was free zoo day.  We weren't planning on going since Robert had basketball in the morning and Baily had swimming and then we were planning on going to the temple in the afternoon.  We weren't able to go to the temple because of some personal health issues of mine [TOM:( ] so we decided to go to the zoo even though we would only have about 2 hours to spend there before it closed (which is all the time I could be away from home anyway).  So we went and I'm so glad we did.  It was a beautiful day (50 degrees and sunny in February in Wisconsin... really??) and we saw so many great animals up close and active.  Also because it was the end of the day we got to see a lot of the animals get fed which was cool.  The grossest/coolest part the mandrill.  We saw him poop in his hands, play with his poop and then eat his poop.  It was disgusting but entertaining nonetheless.  Some other highlights included watching the giraffes eat, seeing the tiger super close up, watching the huge orangutan try to hitch a ride out of the zoo, watching the elephants and hippo eat and seeing the huge lion up close.  I loved using my new camera and capturing some good shots now that I'm finally figuring out more of my camera's settings.  I LOVE the zoo so much- it always reminds of how awesome our Creator is.  I can't help but get emotional because the animals are just so beautiful and awesome!

On Sunday we went to my Dad's house to celebrate Patty's birthday.  I guess it was for the Superbowl too even though I hated both teams and could care less about the game (I'm still bitter that the Packers weren't in it if you couldn't tell.)  The kids and I made an awesome raspberry, strawberry chocolate cake.  For some reason I got a total kick out of the heart shaped raspberries:)
Patty made some dee-licious party food and we just had fun eating, chatting and watching the Superbowl commercials.  The kids each picked out a potted flower/plant to give to Grandma for her birthday and Robert and I gave her the DVD The Prestige.  I hate that we live so much farther away from them but it does make our visits so much sweeter.  Oh how I love my family!

And that was our week in a nutshell.  We are so blessed:)

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