Tuesday, May 04, 2010

Whatcha Think?

So my hair needs help.  My dad, my usual hairstylist, is down and out due to some major back sugery so I will be setting up an appointment with a great friend who I hear happens to be a great hairstylist.  I really wanted to grow my hair out but that's not happening right now so I shall just pursue a cute short cut instead.  So out of the 3, which one's your fave for me- as in which one do you think would look best on me?


Julaine said...

I think of them them would be great but I think #2 would be the best for you!

Cassy Taylor said...

I agree-#2 would look the best. #1 would be my next choice only because it would be easier to maintain. But you're hot no matter what!

Julie said...

3! go 3 you go short or go home!! and it will grow quick but if you dont go short enough you have to go back and get it cut again, plus I love a dramatic hair cut for summer so fast!

Arabeth said...

#3 you can still smooth it out and it will look like a shorter #2. So #3 definitely.

Rachelle said...

Your step-parents still vote for #3. . . . it's different from what you already have and will be very flattering on you. Plus, it is soooooooo sophisticated!