Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Weather Perfection

Today was pretty swell. I could not have asked for better weather. Slightly overcast, cool at about 70 degrees... perfect! I just love not having to have the AC on, having the windows open and being able to enjoy the outside. I was pretty lazy this morning but finally got my house picked up and laundry started. Baily's friend Amber came over to play for a while so that was fun for her. A little exhausting for me though. Later on after we walked Amber home Patty came over and helped me weed the yard, trim it up and take back the crazy monster and turn it into a nice tree/bush. It was sooo overgrown and looks so much nicer. I'm finding that I love yardwork and I love that I have Patty right across the street and always willing to help me out with my yard and teach me what I know nothing about about trees and flowers and all that kind of yard stuff. After she was home it was the dinner rush. Why do I feel like my days are ruled by dinner time? It creeps up on me and is so much work. The prepping, cooking, fighting with my kids to eat, cleaning. Oy. After that we just chillaxed, I got J to sleep and me and Baily watched tv. Here's a pic of her with a sweatshirt on and a warm blanket because she got cold. Cold!! On June 20th!! I LOVE it!! Anyway, we watched this new show called Battle of the Superstars or something and I LOVE it. It's teams made up of a celebrity and a pro athlete doing different physical challenges. LOVE it! Baily loved it too and kept saying how she can't wait to do that stuff when she grows up. My favorite team is Julio Iglasias Jr. (I tend to lean toward the Latinos;) and Brandi Chastain, an amazing soccer player (go figure). After B went to sleep it's been computer time. I really should finish cleaning up my kitchen and doing laundry but I REALLY don't feel like doing it. My man just got home and I would really rather chill and watch tv with him. It's the last day of the first half of the year so I'm really going to try to make this 2nd half even better and work on becoming a better me... goals and all! So here's to a happy new 2nd half of the year!!


Malissa said...

I'm jealous of you being COLD!! Wouldn't that be fun!!

I love how you look at life...I hope my 2nd half of the year goes better too!! I better set some goals!

Addie Gaylord said...

sarah, thanks for the comment. i have been missing your daily posts but i know how live goes, busy busy. especially when you have just moved across country. it looks so beautiful back there. i am glad to see that you are enjoying it. i bet your not missing the az heat yet are ya? i hope your family is good.

Niki said...

Dude, totally jealous that you're COLD!!! Oh well. Another 24 hours and I'll be enjoying the crisp White Mountain Air! Woohoo!!