Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Last week.

I'm still working on updating. I'm having difficulty getting some pictures from my dad's computer onto mine and I can't tell you how frustrating that is for me. I feel like I can't update my blog without being able to add those pictures and it's driving me batty. But I guess I'll just have to suck it up and do without until I can get it figured out. I really want to get back to my daily posts so here's some pics from last week and until I get those other pics it should be the last update once I start my daily posts.

This was just a day of chillaxin' at the house in the morning. It was too hot to be outside. Aren't my babies PRECIOUS?!

This is my kids playing outside and me being out there only long enough to take pictures... it was pretty hot and humid. Not my cup of tea. But as you can see they don't mind. They love it in the great outdoors!! Then it cooled down enough to go out in front for a bit and for B to ride her big girl bike all around the neighborhood... well as far as I could see anyways.

This is my beautiful house and all the gorgeous flowers that I just LOVE! I've always wanted a house with a beautiful yard and tons of flowers. Dreams can come true!
Joaquin decided this day that he did not want to eat his lunch in his highchair but that he was a big boy and needed to sit by his sister on a big person chair. She was so sweet and let him sit next to her and they shared so nicely... which doesn't happen very often. Too cute!
This is Baily playing on the computer on nickjr.com. She loves it and she's so dang smart!
Robert finally got his basketball hoop in his driveway. Wahoo! Now if only we had more people to play with.

Here are my kids enjoying a true Mid-west Wisconsin snack- summer sausage and cheese. And it was extra sharp cheddar- yum-o!

My kids love playtime with daddy as you can see. I'm so grateful to have such an awesome dad for my babies!
Baily wanted a game night on Sunday night so Candy Land it was and it was super "sweet!"

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BeauandEbenHolwick said...

Candy Land! I love Candy Land! I haven't played in a coons age! Im excited for when Adley and I can play games together(at least I say that now:)) I miss my neice and nephew.....and I suppose my sister and brother-in-law and brothers and Dad and step-mom too. But J isn't gonna have a clue as to who I am when he sees me next:(...not cool. Love you Sis!