Monday, April 06, 2009

More Catching Up

Robert got free tickets to a premier viewing of the movie Monsters Vs. Aliens so we got to go see it on Tuesday before it came out in theaters. We felt so special and important. Baily had been excited to see this movie since she first started seeing previews for it months ago so she was so excited. Both the kids did awesome and I even won this free Insectosaurus from a radio station that was there and Baily LOVEs this ugly thing. She even took it to show and tell at her pre-school, takes it for rides with her in the van and sleeps with it. I'm glad I won something she loves. It was a good time!
Just my cute babies. Joaquin has decided he only will eat pretty much when he can feed himself and make a huge mess. Nice. He loves rice and meat.
I had to take these pictures so I can remind myself that my kids really can get along when they want to. They have a serious love/hate relationship and it drives me nutso! But they were getting along when I took these pictures and aren't they so cute?!I could just eat this kid and all his cute cheekiness up!!

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Malissa said...

I totally get the love/hate relationship!! My kids have that full time! Your kids are growing up and they are so cute!!