Friday, July 28, 2006

Well I'm entering the weekend and instead of preparing to get things done and staying organized, I realize that it's now 4 o'clock and all I've done all day, besides work stuff that is, is waste time looking on bodyforlife-tracker and blogs and myspace. What a waste of time! I'm definitely going to have to nip this in the bud now and make some limits for myself or I won't get anything productive done. But the positive that has come from my searching is that I'm now so motivated to start my BFL challenge on Monday, I don't think a 896 thousand ton train could stop me! I've got a busy weekend coming up and I think it'll be a good one. My little brother and sister are spending the night tonight and we're going to Peter Piper. I gotta get all the junk food in now because it won't be in my life come Monday. It's also my honey's birthday tomorrow. We're just going to a simple dinner and movie. He's not the outgoing type like me. Then I'll have to give him his special birthday "treat" afterwards. Well as long as my baby girl sleeps in her crib that is. ;) It's also going to be a weekend of preparation. Not only for BFl, but I've decided July 31st will be my own personal new year. I've got some specific goals, or resolutions I should say, that are really important for me to work on. The first one goes hand-in-hand with BFL and it's no soda- ever. I've quit for a year before and I felt so much better. The second one is not only to pray first thing in the morning and last thing before I go to sleep, but to kneel everytime I pray. I think it makes it so much more personal and shows more gratitude to my Heavenly Father. The third is a little too personal to mention publicly but it has everything to do with improving my self-image and confidence. The third is to not just type in my journal sporadically (sp?), but every single day. This shouldn't be too hard. Especially if I'm blogging. I know the cut and paste buttons will go a long way in helping me be successful in this resolution. Finally and perhaps most importantly, I want to have more charity. I'm dealing with a lot of bitter feelings for cerain people right now, but I know that if I just rely on Christ to fill me the kind of love He has for everyone, I'll be able to let go of these feelings and and move on. I also have some couple's resolutions with my husband which are to continue to pay a full tithing which we've been doing since the beginning of the year, to have family prayer and scripture study daily which we've only been doing about once or twice a week, to have Family Home Evening every week which we've been doing pretty well on and to have a weekly date. These are all resolutions/goals that I made at the beginning of this year, but it's definitely time to re-focus and be more diligent. I wasn't as successful as I want to be with all of them, so for this personal "New Year," the key to my success will be to more fully rely on the Atonement to help me. I know that I cannot do it alone. I know my weaknesses. So here's to a weekend of fun and relaxation because on Monday.. it's time to get super serious!

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