Thursday, July 20, 2006

I happened to come upon this website through a search on Google about maka-feke. An hour later after searching through this site I realized that I really enjoyed reading the blogs and thought that this is something I can really get into. I'm afraid this may be a big maka-feke for me to procrastinate other duties. A maka-feke is a octupus trap that Pres. Monson (LDS Church) talked about in reference to traps that make us sin. But besides the sin of procrastination, I feel this will be something very beneficial to me. I am pretty diligent about typing in my journal entries every day which helps me to express my emotions, but as I was reading some of these blogs, I realized how nice it would be to have some feedback on my thoughts and happenings in my life and to do the same for others. I have often felt, (more like all the time I feel), that I have no one to talk to about lots of aspects in my life. So maybe this will help. I'm excited about this, but hopefully it won't turn into something I have to restrain myself with. I figure this is much better than wasting so much time on myspace all day. So with that said... here I go!!!


Janel said...

Welcome to blogland!!!

And yes, be prepared for more addictive computer time!!!


Bobby B said...