Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Thank you...

I'm all about being grateful.  Today was a bit of a rough day so instead of getting angry (because I'm classy and classy women don't get angry) I decided to be grateful.  So here are some thank yous to some people who just happened to make my day swell. *Hem, hem... 
Thank you: jerk neighbors upstairs for never having the decency to shovel or plow the snow and leaving that up to us every time even though one of you works as a plower! 
Thank you: West Allis plower for snowplowing my road right before I had to pick up my daughter from school unbeknowst
 to me who was busy trying to get 2 very fussy boys down for a nap so I could clean my filthy house, and therefore leaving a huge pile snow at the end of my driveway. 

Thank you: neighbors across the street for plowing all your snow to the end of our driveway to add more to the enormous pile at the end of our driveway. 

Thank you: Baily's school for not having a flipping bus service so that I could wake up my boys 15 minutes after having worked 2 hours to get them to sleep so I could go pick up Baily! 

Thank you :Wisconsin for snowing a buttload more inches- AGAIN! 

Thank you: neighbors all busy outside snowblowing your snow and shoveling your merry driveways, for just watching and staring at a frantic mom with 2 screaming and crying boys in the van who was in a hurry to pick up her daughter from school, as she tried fruitlessly to shovel her stuck van out the 30 flipping foot pile of snow at the end of her driveway that she wasn't aware of until she drove right back into it. 
And... thanks: again you {insert a mean word but not an expletive because I'm classy remember, and classy girls don't cuss dangit!} neighbor upstairs for looking at me from your window and not coming to help. GRRRR!!!
I do have to say a sincere thanks though to my daughter's sweet teacher who was so understanding to me and with Robert picking her up over a half hour late. And also to my super rad husband who took off early to come to pick up Baily and come to my rescue and who, not only shoveled all the snow that the scum bags upstairs won't do (too busy with their video games and other unmentionables), but watched the kids I volunteered to watch (while I tended to a very fussy baby), cleaned the kitchen, made dinner and did laundry. Like I said... he's so super rad. Thanks babe for being so awesome and not being annoyed with me and not being like all the jerks that I was surrounded by today. Love you! 
And... vent over. I feel so much better now. Thank you and amen:)

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