Thursday, February 25, 2010

2.6- Happy Birthday Patty!!, Sis. H going to volleyball for me so I could spend day at home with family and recover from med withdrawal, BK onion rings, van registration done- whew!, Patty's b-day presents bought, cordless home phone, laughing at crazy Koda bear, Dr. Pepper

2.5- made it through another pay period (no overdraft fees- whew!), Jan. Ensign and New Era, good food, prayer, prayer, prayer, hubby home not too late, homemade sub sandwiches for dinner with yummy ham from the deli, get away from crazy children for some nice chat time at Dad's and came home to clean kitchen and living room thanks to awesome hubby, understanding and patient Dad & Patty

2.4- volleyball with the girls at church then yummy lunch at Panera Bread, Baily playing at friend's house, napping while Joaquin napped, R home early from work, reflective drive while picking up Baily from friend's house, sweet conversation with the Bug on the way home, family scriptures and prayer, awesome episode of Criminal Minds and my love for Native American culture

2.3- hubby let me sleep in for the second day in a row, now have a triple positive on the wee babe in my tummy, bananas and peanut butter, B at a friend's house and J at the store with his dad means quiet time for me!, texting the good news to all my friends and family and all their sweet responses, yummy WM pizza and Pepsi for lunch, cuddling and watching Criminal Minds with hubby, yummy burger & fries & home-made oreo milkshakes dinner with the missionaries, fun mutual and service activity, Rachel's cinnamon rolls,

2.2- exciting and very happy news!, sweet conversation with Bug, broccoli cheese soup and homemade breadsticks, lots of great scripture study

2.1- 2 mile run and stretching, house all picked up, a little bit more organized, yummy spaghetti dinner and garlic bread, making it through family scriptures and prayer with 2 very naughty kids, making it through the day with 2 very naughty kids, freshly showered and clean kids, 9pm bedtime

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