Monday, January 25, 2010


1.25- J slept 'til 8 today, made it through my run, turkey sandwich, B playing at Amber's and J taking nice long nap= nice quiet scripture reading time... lovin' the OT, house finally all picked up, B and Robert loved the dinner I made, Robert home early- he smells yummy today!- love that man!, making it through FHE without pulling all my hair out, both kids sleeping in their own bed, early bedtime

1.19- waking up to lots of comments and messages from my friends, my sweet boy- he's just so dang cute!, B's finally been letting me fix her hair everyday and it looks so cute all did up, awesome UBWO at the gym and the whole vibe there, B was taking care of J at the childcare and it was so sweet, cheese!, scripture study- OT may be hard to understand sometimes but it's got great stories! and oh how I love Teaching No Greater Call!, wonderful visit from my VT- my wonderful friends, getting kitchen cleaned in time for Britney to drop off her girls, my kids having a blast with her girls, chatting with Britney and being so grateful to have her as a friend, nutritious dinner, feeling at peace with myself and a sense of growth/transformation

1.18- got to somewhat sleep in while my kids played in the basement, pb oatmeal, great visit with my great Dr., kids behaving at grocery store and being able to get groceries, lovin' studying the OT and General Conference talks today, lovin' studying Preach My Gospel, clean pup after a bath, renewed membership at the Y- wahoo!, AMAZING run (I finally feel like a real deal runner for the first time in my life) and the endorphins flowing afterward and feeling like I can conquer the world, amazing music and my ipod, yummy shrimp stir fry for dinner and jasmine rice, hubby's working days now and even though he worked 2 hours of overtime (which is a blessing in and of itself) he was home in time to eat and have FHE with us, FHE, family prayers and scriptures, super duper hot shower, vanilla lotion, so excited and motivated for my Transformation Challenge and ending it with a bang on May 8th doing the Lake Geneva Half Marathon,

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