Saturday, June 16, 2007

Happy Father's Day
I know Father's Day isn't until tomorrow but since I've been shopping and getting gifts ready today I guess you could say I'm really in the in Father's Day spirit. I've really been thinking a lot about all the father figures in my life and how very blessed I've been in this area of my life. There's my wonderful dad Patrick, my wonderful step-dad Gerald, my awesome Grandpas who are all passed away, my amazing husband who is an amazing dad to my sweet baby and most of all my Eternal Father in Heaven. Wow just mentioning all of them gets me in tears. I love each of them so much and am so grateful for all the advice, examples, fun times, wisdom, support, protection and love I've received from each of them.
I feel like I've been a slacker in planning a great Father's Day for Robert this year. He planned a fun date night for me for Mother's Day and our special Father's Day date night last night wasn't all that great. We just went out to dinner and since I failed to plan anything specific and because it was kind of late we didn't do anything afterward. And even though we planned on Baily spending the night at her Tia's with her Abuela we ended up picking her up because we missed her too much. It was nice to have a little bit of alone time though and enjoy a dinner at a restaurant without the stress of trying to entertain and keep quiet a toddler. And tomorrow I'm not going to be able to make the roast dinner for him that I was planning because his family's having a get-together at the park. I asked him if there was anything special he wanted me to make for lunch or something and he's absolutely no help with that. Hopefully I'll think of something to make his day special. I did get him some pretty cool gifts though. I got him a tie with Baily's picture all over it although that won't be in until next week (I'm a slacker I know!). I also got him the movie Apacalypto that he loved when he saw it in the theatre because he said it's about his people the Lamanites, a best hits cd of the Counting Crows that he's been really wanting, the DVD "The Testaments," an oil vile for his key chain and a box of one of his favorite treats- toffee peanuts. Not bad, eh? Now hopefully I'll make his day special tomorrow to show him how much I love and appreciate him. I got my dad a t-shirt with a picture of Baily on it that says "Proud Grandpa of Baily Bug," which I think he'll love and Gerald a frosted mug with Baily's picture on it. I think they'll all be pretty happy.
On a spiritual note I've been contemplating what I could possibly do for my Heavenly Father to show my love and gratitude to Him. I've realized there's nothing I could do to repay Him or to compare to everything He's done for me but I can be more obedient and more loving to His children- to have more compassion. I can honor my covenants to Him so much better and do better to make Him part of my daily life by being diligent with my prayers and scripture reading. So that's what I plan on doing for Him even though it's more of a blessing for me.
I have more to write about but my daughter is driving me crazy. She just needs some major TLC so I'll try to write more later. Happy Father's Day!


Cordova Family said...

Hey Sarah!! I hope you're doing good! I haven't seen you in so long! We need to do something together! Hope to see you at church tomorrow!

Janel said...

Hey Sarah, I didn't realize you were back to blogging! I'm so happy for your new pregnancy.